ALTIPESA PRO presents its new multipurpose ladder-scaffold built with  58×25 mm aluminium crossbars and nested stairs with slip-resistant contours. It has an aluminium platform and phenolic board of 118×33 cm., safety lock and stabilizer bases in both sides. It also has safety adjustable tensors.

The new multipurpose ladder-scaffold from ALTIPESA PRO meets EN 131 and specially the new EN 131-1:2015, in force from 1st december 2016 and designed to bear 150 kg.

Our multipurpose ladder-scaffold allows 3 different uses: extendible backing ladder, scissor ladder and ladder-scaffold. You may watch the mounting and applications demonstration video of the ladder-scaffold by clicking on the following link or scanning with your mobile phone the QR code shown further down.

The aluminium Altipesa ladders, and particularly the multipurpose ladder-scaffold of ALTIPESA PRO, also fulfills EN 131-3. For this we make available maintenance and operations manuals to clients, users and owners of the ladder.

Altipesa is devoted, from 1986, to the design, production and distribution of solutions for home access, DIY, office, stores and industry. To do this, we have a more than 6000 square meter plant in Náquera (Valencia) and we have an implanted Quality Assurance System in permanent evolution, which is certified according to UNE EN ISO 9001 standards.

Our products and processes are in continuous development. We design ladders, stools, ladder-scaffolds and adapted scaffolds to the needs of clients and users; light, robust and safe products, manufactured under the most rigorous quality controls in the whole production process. Our ladder-scaffold has a 3 year manufacturing defect warranty.

Altipesa manufactures from most practical and simple stools, adapted to current home use, to the most robust and versatile ladder, specially adapted to a more professional use. For us, Quality and Safety are a priority. We are national leaders in the manufacturing of ladders-scaffolds, stools and ladders, thanks to our customer and users confidence.

Service, Quality and Confidence to make it to the top.